Providing professional FAA Organization Destination Authorization Consulting

ODA Consultants, LLC (ODAC) exists for expediency. Internationally or state side, ODAC helps your organization meet the latest FAA requirements and develop compliant ODA Organizational Models. 

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ODAC Staff

ODA Consultants, LLC will provide your company with expert engineering services and ODA counsel that expedites your FAA appointment and approval. Services are not limited to new ODA applicants. We also provides services such as:

  • Application support for Expansion of Authority
  • Additional consulting services to maintain delegation authority.

Our team of fully qualified individuals possesses decades of FAA experience and has assisted over 45 companies in their transition to ODA, including: 

  • Development of procedure manuals
  • ODA organizational development
  • Self-audits
  • Training programs
  • ODA staffing

ODAC Services

Our professional staff eliminates confusion and determines which ODA types(s) and functions best match your organization's needs and experience. 

Your ODAC team includes current ODA Administrators, former FAA Aircraft Certification personnel (Program Managers, Engineers, Pilots, Inspectors), DERS, DARs, and premier business associates that specialize in FAA delegated organizations.